Pet Professional Feature: Justis Bolding

By July 28, 2017Local Pet Professionals
Justis Bolding

This week we are highlighting a fellow pet professional and colleague; Justis Bolding! Justis is a certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA), and as her name implies, she delivers justice to some of the most difficult challenges that pet owners face.

I had the pleasure of working with Justis at the request of one of my clients that has a new baby at home. Her fur baby was having a hard time adjusting to the sudden change to his environment.

Upon our first meeting, Justis was very friendly, personable, and professional. She joined me and the pup on our walk to observe his behavior where at the end she applied her expertise. I personally thought her observations and training style were spot on!

I have worked with a few trainers at the request of my clients but I particularly liked how Justis’ training style uses positive reinforcement, and she actually encourages the walks to be social and fun. Justis’ training style falls completely in line with our walking style here at the Golden Leash!

Some trainers and walkers discourage socializing in order to limit any chance of a possible incident. But, often times than not, the core of a pup’s behavioral issues are due to the lack of proper socialization coupled with a lack of exercise. Therefore, I was very impressed with her skill, depth of knowledge, and her style in how she handled the pup as well.

At the end of her observation Justis gave our pup great feedback! In addition to the recommendation of making sure the pup received plenty of exercise on a regular basis, she also left my client’s family with guidance on how to help their pup adjust to the new addition to his family.

To this day my client’s family has learned with the help of Justis that they can still continue to have the best relationship with their pup. And Pup is now happy to know that he’s still loved, is not being replaced, but instead, just has a baby brother now!

If you would like to learn more about Justis and see how her training programs can help you and your pup, you can find her here:




Phone: 646-450-3645

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